Primary care is critical to your health

What is primary care?

Think of a primary care provider (PCP) as “your” doctor or nurse practitioner. Your PCP is uniquely qualified to understand the big picture of your health, and they can help you understand it, too. They coordinate all of your referrals with specialists, labs, and any other providers you might need. This type of coordinated care makes it easier for you to find your way through the healthcare system so you can focus on getting or staying healthy.

Do I need a PCP?

You must have a primary care provider listed with us because they are critical to your care and will provide referrals to specialists, labs, and other providers you might need.

Learn more about referrals

Is my PCP listed with you?

Your member ID card will include your PCP’s name.

Don’t see a PCP listed on your card?

  • If you have a doctor you see regularly, call the Medicare Concierge Team and tell them.
  • If you don’t have a regular doctor, or PCP, use find a doctor. Search for a "PCP" near you.