Mar 16, 2022

HIPAA Updates to not take place in March

**This update will not take place this weekend and it will be rescheduled to a future date. **


BCBSRI will be implementing changes to bluegateway.bcbsri.com and the system will be unavailable from 03/19/2022 (10:00 AM EST) to 03/20/2022(10:00 PM EST)

Our bluegateway changes may require action on your part to avoid a service interruption.  

For sites that use a web browser or SFTP to connect to the bluegateway.bcbsri.com web application. You will continue to access bluegateway as you do today. 

The IP address for bluegateway.bcbsri.com will change from to

For SFTP connections to bluegateway.bcbsri.com you may need to reestablish the connection.  Please inform your internal technical team that they may need to take the following steps to avoid connection issues. 

  • The server fingerprint/keys for bluegateway will change and you may need to update your connection profile with the new server fingerprint & keys. 
  • Please note the new IP address and if necessary, whitelist the new IP address.

If you have any questions specific to this change you can contact us at ISPM@bcbsri.org

If you experience connectivity issues before or after our change, please contact our IT Service Desk at 1-855-721-4211 to report your problem.