2018 Wellness achievers

The companies below all take great pride in creating wellness programs that help their employees improve their health and wellness, both physical and mental. They’re all worthy of being recognized for having a unique, creative approach to wellness.

City of Warwick

Program: HealthTrax promotion – Physician Referral Exercise Program – 60-day challenge

The City of Warwick has a long history of dedication to worksite wellness. Their employee population is well engaged, thanks to an on-site Community Wellness Nurse and an incentive program designed to improve their health. In 2017, the City of Warwick partnered with HealthTrax Fitness and Wellness to create a wellness contest. Employees were able to address any specific health or medical needs. This program helped them meet their personal fitness goals. Employees could also invite a family member to participate with them, because having the support of a family member or friend helps increase success with health and wellness goals.

Wood River Health Services

Program: Planksgiving and 30 Days of Thankfulness

This was a month-long fitness and thankfulness campaign throughout November. A calendar was distributed to employees with the Planksgiving and 30 days of Thankfulness training plan. Each day had recommended plank (a specific exercise that helps improve core stability, abdominal strength, posture, and balance) times that increased throughout the month, up to three minutes. The calendar also posed a “thankfulness” question to reflect on, such as “What life challenges are you thankful for,” “What small thing happened today that you are grateful for,” and “What memory are you grateful for.” The goal of this program was to increase fitness and take time to reflect and give thanks.


Program: Raised beds

Hexagon Metrology’s unique and innovative wellness program incorporated upcycling and gardening. In addition to resulting in nutritious fruits and vegetables, gardening is thought to encourage relaxation. Hexagon turned gardening into a creative and friendly competition, awarding recognition for the “Best tended bed,” “Best tomato,” “Best cucumber,” “Best strawberry,” “Most colorful and heartiest herbs,” and many others. By using unused wood pallets from their production area as well as rain barrels to collect rain water, the beds also took advantage of recycling and encouraged conservation of resources.

Child & Family

Program: Mindfulness in a Chaotic World

Mindfulness is a research-based meditation that improves physical and mental health, including boosting the immune system, improving social relationships, reducing anxiety and depression, promoting restful sleep, and increasing well-being and positivity. In 2018, Child & Family added a mindfulness component to their existing wellness program to help staff quiet their minds and find balance in moments of chaos and stress. By integrating mindfulness, employees have been able to wake up their lives and live intentionally, while providing valuable services to the Rhode Island community.

Child & Family’s robust wellness program is based on their two core beliefs: 1.) That individuals and communities thrive when supported by strong families; and 2.) That a community works best when it is willing to accept responsibility for all of its members. These beliefs also extend to the health and wellness of the agency’s employees, and help them deliver exceptional service to our community. Their strategic plan incorporates four initiatives designed to instill a positive, enhanced health work culture:

  1. Explore opportunities for increased physical activity
  2. Explore opportunities for healthy eating
  3. Explore opportunities for stress management
  4. Promote health awareness and disease prevention 

Within six months of launching the program, 50% of Child & Family’s employees were engaged in the wellness platform, with great participation in online personal challenges and healthy habit challenges.

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