Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Rated Top Health Insurance Payer Nationally By athenahealth PayerView

(Providence, RI, 6.22.2010)

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) today announced that the local, nonprofit company has been recognized as being the most efficient health insurer in the nation in relation to reimbursement of physicians. The ranking, released by athenahealth, Inc. and Physicians Practice magazine, was determined by an evaluation of 2009 medical records and rated by their PayerViewSM data tracking program that included categories such as days in accounts receivable, provider collection burden, denial rate and transparency, and eligibility accuracy.

Besides ranking best overall nationally, BCBSRI also performed better than any other insurer in making timely payments to doctors and in its claims processing efficiency. According to the 2009 data, BCBSRI paid physician claims in an average of 12.2 days. The data also revealed that BCBSRI successfully resolved 98.5 percent of physician claims when they were first submitted.

"BCBSRI is gratified to receive this recognition of our ongoing efforts to support our local providers," said Dr. Gus Manocchia, BCBSRI vice president and chief medical officer.

"Among all payers in 2009, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island paid doctors the fastest," said Melissa Lukowski, athenahealth director of payer outreach. "And, the Rhode Island plan also was the nation's most efficient health insurer when it came to processing claims successfully when first submitted. BCBSRI's overall performance shows the way for the rest of the industry in its effort to eliminate administrative cost waste from the nation's healthcare system."

Jonathan Bush, chairman and CEO of athenahealth, said improvement in these areas of healthcare administration is particularly important in light of efforts to reform the healthcare system. "The Obama administration passed legislation that simultaneously aims to expand access to care and rein in costs of healthcare delivery," Bush said. "It probably stands to reason that addressing the gaps in billing and administration has just become a more urgent mission."

The 2010 PayerViewSM index tracks performance data from over 23,000 providers representing more than 39 million charge lines and $7 billion dollars in services billed in 45 states for the full year ending December 31, 2009. All data used for the rankings come from the actual claims performance data of athenahealth providers and reflect athenahealth's direct experience dealing with individual payers nationwide. athenahealth maintained that its 2009 data showed that health insurers across the nation were paying doctors seven days faster, on average, and denying 12 to 18 percent fewer claims than in 2008.

The complete 2010 PayerView Rankings and trends, evaluating 137 national, regional, and government payers in 43 states, can be found at

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