Understand your medical benefits

A quick look at your benefits

A Summary of Benefits shows the key benefits of your BlueCHiP for Medicare plan. The links below will take you directly to the Summary of Benefits for your plan.

  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Value
  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Advance
  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Extra
  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Standard with Drugs
  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Plus
  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Preferred
  • BlueCHiP for Medicare Core

Visit the plan materials page for these other important documents:

What has changed since last year

The Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) contains any benefit changes to your plan from the previous year.

Full description of your benefits

The Evidence of Coverage (EOC) contains details about your Medicare healthcare and prescription drug coverage for the current plan year.

Your network of doctors and hospitals

The Provider Directory is a comprehensive list of all of the providers in the BlueCHiP for Medicare network.

About BlueCHiP for Medicare coverage

  • With your plan, your healthcare services are paid by BlueCHiP for Medicare instead of Medicare.
  • Bring your BlueCHiP for Medicare card to medical appointments and network pharmacies. Because you have all of your medical coverage in one plan, you have the convenience of only one card to bring.
  • Your healthcare providers will file claims and be paid by BlueCHiP for Medicare.
  • Keep your Original Medicare card in a safe place, but do not bring it to medical appointments.

Do you have other coverage too?

It is important that you let us know if you have any other health insurance in addition to BlueCHiP for Medicare. We need this information in order to determine which insurance is responsible for paying your claims first. When Medicare is not responsible for paying claims first, this is called “Medicare Secondary Payer.” When you first enroll in BlueCHiP for Medicare, we will ask you to fill out a survey about your medical coverage. You can learn more about Medicare Secondary Payer at CMS.gov.

Pharmacy benefits

Learn about pharmacy benefits on the pharmacy coverage page.

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