Jan 6, 2020

BCBSRI offers employers another lower cost regional plan with Network Blue New England Options

New plan available for large and small group employers

PROVIDENCE, RI (January 6, 2020) – Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) is putting customers in control with a new health plan—Network Blue New England Options—that is part of an expanded suite of popular regional plans first launched in 2017.

Based on the success of its BlueCHiP New England products, BCBSRI has introduced a new variation where members are encouraged to use providers based on the quality of care provided and cost efficiency. Members can save through lower out-of-pocket costs, and employers also can save with this lower premium offering.

“We hear a consistent theme from our customers. They want their employees to have more choice, flexibility and control when choosing a primary care provider, deciding where to go for tests or selecting a facility that best meets their needs,” said Melissa Cummings, BCBSRI executive vice president and chief customer officer. “Employers also want a plan that is ‘right-sized’ for them, meaning a plan with a regional provider network that helps them control costs.”

The Network Blue New England Options plan is built on a robust network encompassing Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. Customers also have the option to choose providers, facilities and radiologists in one of two groups—Standard or Enhanced. Standard providers offer the level of quality you’d expect from any provider in the BCBSRI network. Enhanced, however, offers an improved patient experience through the provider’s commitment to deliver quality healthcare services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Network Blue New England Options became available to large and small group clients on January 1, 2020. To learn more, contact your BCBSRI account executive or broker, or visit bcbsri.com/employers/.

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