Dec 1, 2023

Admin Users in Health Trio adding additional users

Any admin user in Health Trio (person who originally set up the HT account) has the ability to create additional users. 

  • From the Health Trio home page (post authentication), navigate to Administration and select “System Admin”. 
  • That page will list all the existing users associated within the account. 
  • You will select “Add User” and will be brought to a page to complete information specific to the user you are trying to create.
  • Once all the information is entered, press add, and select the role. Only select the person as an admin if you are not going to be the admin anymore. If it is just a new user, you will always be the PCP or Specialist Role. (Depending on your offices role) 
  • Once you submit the form, the new user will receive an email from Health Trio with a link to complete their set up by establishing their password.