Jan 1, 2022

BCBSRI offers LGBTQ Safe Zone certification

BCBSRI encourages its participating providers to collaborate with us in supporting LGBTQ communities. Our goal is to help identify safe healthcare spaces with protections against discrimination and differential treatment, as well as inclusive policies & procedures.

BCBSRI welcomes all healthcare provider sites, including specialist offices and facilities, to pursue LGBTQ Safe Zone certification.

Healthcare settings that meet specific criteria are designated as LGBTQ Safe Zones and receive BCBSRI identification, including a customized plaque and a window cling to mark your office as a Safe Zone.

We invite you to consider having your practice site certified as an LGBTQ Safe Zone. To learn more about how to become a certified provider site, please click here, or contact bcbsrisafezone@bcbsri.org. The deadline for this round of applications is February 15th.