Jan 12, 2024

Behavioral Health Spotlight - The Greatest 8

Developed by a team of researchers from the University of Rhode Island, The Greatest 8 is a zero-cost texting service for parents of children ages 0-8 that helps parents teach their children eight key skills relative to mental wellness.  This service features real-life examples, strategies, and tips based on the specific age group.

The 8 Core Skills 

Accomod8:  Coping & Resilience 

Celebr8:  Diversity Awareness & Respect 

Collabor8:  Problem-Solving 

Communic8:  Communication Skills

Contempl8: Identifying & Understanding Feelings

Elev8:  Self-Perceived Competence 

Negoti8: Conflict Management & Resolution 

Regul8: Balancing Emotions 

For more information about The Greatest 8, please visit: thegreatest8.org

To sign up to receive free weekly texts from The Greatest 8, text greatest8 to 401-297-3020 or visit:  thegreatest8.org/#signup

For additional information, please contact Monica Ross at monica.ross@bcbsri.org