Mar 1, 2022

CAHPS and HOS survey updates

As a reminder, the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey will be sent to BCBSRI members this month. This survey measures important aspects of a patient’s experience that cannot be assessed by other means, including topics such as:

  • Annual flu vaccine
  • Care coordination
  • Customer service
  • Getting appointments and care quickly
  • Getting needed care
  • Getting needed prescription drugs
  • Rating of drug plan
  • Rating of health plan
  • Rating of healthcare quality

While a positive patient experience is an important goal, substantial evidence points to a positive association between various aspects of patient experience – such as good communication between providers and patients – and several important healthcare processes and outcomes. These include patient adherence to medical advice, better clinical outcomes, improved patient safety practices, and lower utilization of unnecessary healthcare services. Remember, CAHPS also measures patient experience through telemedicine!

The Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) will be sent in July. This survey measures a patient’s assessment of their own health. The survey asks patients about health-related issues, and if their healthcare provider has discussed these issues with them. Important topics on this survey include physical and mental health, falls, physical activity, and bladder control