Jul 1, 2023

D-SNP Mode of Care (MOC) 2022 Results

The D-SNP Quality Performance Improvement Plan (QPIP) documents how BCBSRI collects, assesses, and acts upon health outcome data of its D-SNP population to achieve its stated Model of Care (MOC) goals. On an annual basis, BCBSRI evaluates the impact and effectiveness of its QPIP, which is known as the MOC Evaluation. If you would like a copy of, or more information on, BCBSRI's D-SNP quality management processes, its QPIP, or its MOC Evaluation, please contact us at DSNP.Questions@bcbsri.org. Due to the timing of the annual reporting and Provider Manual publication, 2022 results will be referenced in the 2024 Provider Manual.