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Mar 1, 2022

Formulary update for biosimilar insulin – April 1, 2022

The first interchangeable biosimilar insulin product has been approved by the FDA. Viatris has released two new products, Semglee-yfgn* (branded) and insulin glargine-yfgn* (unbranded). These are biosimilar products that are designated as interchangeable with brand name Lantus (insulin glargine).

Currently, BCBSRI covers Lantus as a preferred brand. Starting April 1, 2022 interchangeable biosimilar(s) (Semglee-yfgn*/insulin glargine-yfgn*) will be added to coverage as a preferred brand and Lantus will be excluded (removed from formulary).

*In most states, patients who currently have a prescription for Lantus will not require a new prescription to receive the biosimilar. Semglee-yfgn, and its authorized alternative, Insulin Glargine-yfgn, are clinically equivalent to and interchangeable with Lantus.