Sep 1, 2018

HealthPath and HealthPath Connect

HealthPath is an innovative program, offered through a partnership between BCBSRI and Care New England, designed to provide BCBSRI members with comprehensive behavioral health services. The program highlights the benefits of team-based care through care delivery provided by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, independently
licensed clinicians, peer support specialists, and substance abuse specialists.

This team provides individualized office, home, or community-based services depending on the patient’s identified needs. HealthPath offers clients access to psychiatric care, counseling, case management, health and wellness care, life skills support (including vocational and educational training), medication management, transportation to and from medical appointments as needed, flexible appointment dates and times as well as weekend and holiday emergency care. The services are intended to assist members struggling with behavioral health conditions in reaching their highest level of functioning through a coordinated and individualized treatment approach.

HealthPath Connect offers members the same array of services as HealthPath, but is intended for members who may need less intensive or less frequent services.

If you have a patient that you believe would benefit from HealthPath or HealthPath Connect, please contact Continuum Behavioral Health at (401) 415-8868 to schedule an intake appointment. Patients who present at intake and do not meet eligibility criteria will be referred to appropriate providers.

How do I connect a patient to behavioral health services?

The behavioral health system can be confusing and overwhelming for your patients to navigate. As BCBSRI continues to expand our continuum of services for behavioral health, we realize that providers may have questions regarding the types of services available for their patients. There are several ways to learn more about behavioral health benefits and services:

  • The Physician & Provider Service Center can answer questions regarding a member’s benefits, including member liability for services. They can also assist if you’re simply looking for a participating behavioral health provider. You can contact the Physician & Provider Service Center at (401) 274-4848 or 1-800-230-9050. You can also use our Find a Doctor tool to search for a behavioral health provider.
  • The Beacon Health Options (Beacon) Clinical Referral Line is available 24x7 and is answered by clinical behavioral health staff. The clinical referral line can assist you in identifying a behavioral health provider, as well as providing support and guidance. The clinical referral line should not be used if there is concern of imminent danger, but can be a first point of contact in non-emergency situations. The clinician, who may be a registered nurse, independently licensed social worker or a mental health counselor, will ask questions to get a better understanding of your patient’s needs. The clinician will provide you with information about services that are available and will offer the names and contact information for providers who offer these services. You can contact the Clinical Referral Line at: 1-800-274-2958. You may also share this number with your patients if they prefer to contact Beacon themselves.
  • Beacon Health Options Intensive Case Management Program can assist your patients in effectively managing their behavioral health conditions. Independently licensed behavioral health clinicians will work with your patient to:
    • Help them understand barriers that prevent them from getting the most from their treatment or in obtaining recommended treatment.
    • Help them find and obtain services or resources needed to better manage their behavioral health condition.
    • Provide education and supports to help them better manage their condition.
    • Coordinate care with providers to ensure you and your patient have the necessary information to provide them with the best care and support.
    • Work with them to ensure they know the medications they should be taking and understand the instructions you’ve provided to them.

To refer a patient to Beacon Health Options Case Management Program, please call 1-800-274-2958, option 3, then option 1.

You may also use our automated referral form at BCBSRI.com by following these easy steps:

  1. Log on to the provider portal of BCBSRI.com
  2. Click on Tools and Resources
  3. Click on Forms
  4. Click on Case Management Request
  5. Complete the required fields and click Go!