Mar 1, 2020

HouseCall by Blue program change

Effective January 1, 2020, Landmark Health, and its affiliated medical group (Landmark), now manages Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s (BCBSRI) HouseCall by Blue program. Landmark is a national leader in comprehensive in-home medical care, responsible for more than 100,000 complex patients across 14 states.

HouseCall by Blue offers eligible patients 24/7/365 access to comprehensive medical care in the home, complementing primary care providers (PCPs) in the care of their patients with multiple chronic conditions.

The HouseCall by Blue program offers these benefits:

  • Expanded care teams: Access to Landmark’s mobile interdisciplinary care team of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, behavioral health specialists, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, nurse care managers, and healthcare ambassadors.
  • Ability to perform most urgent care services in the patient’s home: Helping to reduce avoidable emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and readmissions.
  • Identify and address social, lifestyle, and behavioral health needs: Social needs often accompany the presence of multiple chronic conditions like coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cancer, or disabling conditions such as paralysis or amputation, or fluid and electrolyte disorders. The care team addresses comprehensive needs, limiting interruption to necessary patient care.
  • PCP collaboration following the PCP’s care plan: After each home visit, the care team communicates with the PCP by phone, direct message, or secure fax. This in-home care offers PCPs direct line of sight into the patient’s home environment, addressing urgent and post-discharge visit needs. Care teams encourage patients to see their PCP for continued care.
  • Continued enrollment: While some members have graduated from the previous program due to updated eligibility requirements, members will not graduate from the Landmark-run HouseCall by Blue program once enrolled. Eligible patients and their PCPs recently received letters notifying them of their transition. BCBSRI monthly attribution reports are used to identify member eligibility.

As a reminder, HouseCall by Blue participation is voluntary and home visits are offered at no additional cost. To discuss care for eligible patients, please call 1-877-255-3259 or learn more at www.landmarkhealth.org.

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