Jul 1, 2023

Secure web messaging portal

As a reminder, there is a functionality on the BCBSRI Provider Portal that allows providers to send inquiries via secure messaging.

Secure messaging is located on the left-hand tool bar once you log in to bcbsri.com. Using secure messaging, you can ask questions about:

  • Eligibility/prior authorization/benefits – For Rhode Island members only
  • Claims – For both Rhode Island and out-of-area members
  • Provider network status

This functionality excludes questions about FEP members.

One you are logged in, click on “Secure Messaging” in the left navigation and click “Compose New” to begin your message.

Select the Provider name/NPI that corresponds with your inquiry. If the provider is not listed in the drop-down, that means the provider is not tied to your portal account, and you must add them.

Type the subject of your message (e.g., Claim status, member issue, etc.). Then type your inquiry in the box with the following required information for your inquiry to be answered in a timely manner:

  • Provider details: NPI, complete name, contact name (Name of the person who sent the inquiry and contact information)
  • Member details: Member ID including prefix, member’s complete name, member’s date of birth
  • Concern: Type a description of your concern.
  • For benefit information: Type of service, procedure code, place of service, and if the service is being rendered inpatient or outpatient.
  • For claims inquiry: Date of service, billed amount, and claim number (if available). If the message is directed to a claim not on file, please ensure the way you submitted your claim and the date of submission.

All of the required information should be included on the provider inquiry. If not, the agent handling the inquiry will request missing information.

One member = one provider web inquiry – you cannot combine members and providers within the same secure message.

You will receive a response within three business days from the date that you sent your inquiry.

If you have any questions regarding submitting a secure message, please contact our Provider and Physician Call Center at (401) 274-4848 or 1-800-230-9050 for out-of-state providers.