Jun 1, 2024

TransPerfect is live offering interpreter services (for commercial members only

BCBSRI is proud to partner with our providers to help care for patients in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. Understanding and meeting linguistic needs of our members is a shared concern of BCBSRI and our contracted providers. Therefore, BCBSRI is pleased to offer our providers the use of TransPerfect telephone language services to communicate in-office with BCBSRI commercial members who have interpreter needs. TransPerfect utilizes the services of interpreters who have a proven track record of successful performance. TransPerfect can provide interpreter services in many different languages, including those originating from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. A TransPerfect interpreter joins you and the member via teleconference and acts as a liaison during the time of service.

Steps on how to connect with an interpreter from TransPerfect for your visit:

Please click here to review the individual language codes for each language.

1Dial 1-833-958-2202 and enter the code for the language you are requesting. If the code is not available, speaking the name of the language or typing in the first few letters of the language will work. If no information is provided, the call is transferred to a Customer Service Representative for assistance.
2If using the automated system and a language is selected, you will hear an automated voice asking to confirm the selection that was made.

Confirm the language selection.

Result: You will then be connected to an interpreter for that language. The interpreter who answers the call will ask for the Provider’s Type I NPI and the Member ID. 

4Introduce yourself to the interpreter and brief the interpreter as to what type of information is needed (e.g., name, symptoms, medical history, etc.)
5Activate speaker phone and have the patient present themselves to the interpreter.

Ask the interpreter to begin. 

Handle as a regular conversation using the interpreter to confirm and clarify details of the conversation. 

Note: No slang, jargon, or acronyms should be used, as these terms do not translate well into other languages and cultures.