Apr 1, 2024

Updates for EDI Trading Partners

Please send updated Contact Information for your practice, including email and telephone numbers. Please also have the PER segment in your electronic files updated with this information in case we need to contact your practice.  Please send info to our email  (hipaa.edi.support@bcbsri.org) with your practice Name, submitter/Mailbox id and required details.


Each batch transmission you send (834/837/820/270/276) BCBSRI will create a 999 report. This report advises you if the file was accepted or rejected for Compliance Reasons.  Our EDI team can be reached via email at hipaa.edi.support@bcbsri.org

277CA – Unsolicited claims status reports

These reports are generated for all 837 transmissions and are very generic in nature.  Any errors on these reports are either Provider  or member related.  Please email us at hipaa.edi.support@bcbsri.org for assistance if you have any questions.

Realtime trading partners

If you are not getting a response on a transaction, please do not repeat the transaction, rather, reach out to us at the above email, and we can research what is happening. Resubmitting the same bad file will not result in a different response.