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Know your benefits

Visit the Benefits Center to view details about your plan, including your deductible, copayments, and coinsurance.

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Find a doctor

Search for doctors and other healthcare providers with the Find a Doctor feature. Results are tailored to your BCBSRI plan. Get directions before you visit an office, check reviews, and add your own feedback.

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Compare costs

Use My Cost Calculator to see how much you might pay for the same service or procedure at various providers or hospitals. Once you log in, results are specific to your plan.

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Learn the facts

Work with the right tools to make healthy decisions. The members-only Health Center delivers up interactive quizzes, symptom checkers, and reliable information on thousands of health conditions, medications, tests, and more.

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Secure Messaging

Your Blue Wire RI is a private, secure messaging service that lets you communicate with us in a whole new way. You can get helpful reminders and updates to stay informed and keep healthy, like appointment reminders, benefit and product updates, money-saving tips, and more! Sign up today by texting "BCBSRI" to 73529 or by calling 1-844-779-8820.

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