Sep 24, 2019

Are you promoting Wellness Premium Reward?

Your clients could earn up to 8% back on medical premiums

An investment firm, testing lab, and family dental practice—all very different businesses but all earning cash back on their BCBSRI medical premiums through Wellness Premium Reward, our innovative wellness program. In fact, any small business (50 employees or fewer) with BCBSRI medical insurance can earn up to 8% back on their annual medical premium when their employees participate in our wellness program. 

Getting started is easy. Your client’s employees simply need to register and engage in various healthy activities through our wellness program. The program tracks participation via a platform powered by Virgin Pulse®, and awards incentives for reaching different milestones. At the end of the year, your client will receive a check totaling up to 8% of their annual medical premium, depending on the number of engaged employees and level of participation. Those savings can really add up—the dental practice referenced above earned more than $1000 per employee, as did the testing lab.

And when employees take a more active role in getting and staying healthier, that can lead to fewer sick days, fewer injuries, and lower workers’ compensation claims*—a bonus any employer would enjoy.  

Pro Tip: Help your clients promote Wellness Premium Reward with this handy toolkit.

* Understanding Well-Being VOI, Virgin Insights and Analytics, 2018. 31% fewer sick days: Member survey (2018) with approximately 31,000 respondents. 50% fewer injuries: VP Client Case Study (Transportation 2011-2014), with more than 85,000 respondents. 2.9% lower worker’s comp claims: VP Client Case Study (Manufacturing 2016), with more than 18,000 respondents.

Virgin Pulse® is an independent wellness company, contracted by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) to provide wellness services.

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