Find a doctor and see the cost

Search for providers, labs, and hospitals near you, and know the cost before you go.


The Find a Doctor tool helps you find doctors of course, but it can help you in other ways too.


Use it when you need a new Primary Care Provider, and when you need to see a Specialist; when you need a blood test, x-ray, or MRI; even when you need to have a procedure done, like minor knee surgery. You also can compare costs before you choose.


There are several ways to use Find a Doctor. You can search by name, or you can let us help. We give you common searches with just one click.


If you browse by category, we can guide you through the choices. Make sure to indicate which plan you have, so that you get results specific to your network.


Let’s look at what you’ll learn about doctors.


Are they accepting new patients? Where is their office? Do they speak your language? You can see awards they’ve earned for quality and cost efficiency. You can read reviews from other patients. You’ll find information about hospitals, too.


See how easy it is to compare costs


When you log in to myBCBSRI, the Find a Doctor tool also lets you compare costs for office visits, tests, and procedures. You might be surprised how much costs can vary.


The results will be specific to you, including your deductibles and copays, so you will have a better idea of what you will owe.


To use Find a Doctor, log in to myBCBSRI, or go to



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