Photo of board member Michael DiChiro

Michael DiChiro

Attorney, Law Offices of Michael DiChiro; Magistrate, Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal

Mr. DiChiro has three decades of experience in private law practice and 19 years of experience as a municipal court judge in Rhode Island. In 2019, Mr. DiChiro assumed a new role as magistrate of the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. Prior to that appointment, Mr. DiChiro served as chief judge with the Johnston Municipal Court, where he was responsible for adjudicating town traffic court matters, housing issues, animal control issues, and zoning and town license matters. He has also maintained a private practice as a personal injury attorney since 1987. In addition, since 1998, Mr. DiChiro has served as a commissioner, chairman of the rules and regulations committee and member of the finance committee on the Narragansett Bay Commission, which works to protect and enhance the water quality of Narragansett Bay.

Mr. DiChiro received his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College. Mr. DiChiro is an appointee of the Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and was elected to the Blue Cross Board in December 2014.