Our enthusiastic employee volunteers are the key to helping our community investment program thrive. More than half of our employees donate their time and talents to the community.

Each year, our BlueAngel employee volunteers donate thousands of hours to more than 100 organizations in our community through company-organized events. In addition, our company’s leadership team collectively serves on the boards of more than 25 local nonprofit organizations.

To encourage employee participation, we offer a paid time off benefit for volunteering so that associates have the option to volunteer during the workday. We also recognize our employees’ volunteer efforts with a financial gift through the Champion Grant program.

Looking for volunteers? We want to help!

Our employees are always looking for engaging volunteer opportunities they can participate in individually, or with their team. If you have volunteer needs for individuals or groups, we’d love to hear about them.

For more information on how to get our BlueAngel employee volunteers involved at your organization, please email BlueAngel.News@bcbsri.org.