Feb 25, 2022

5-Star SEP enrollment updates and Papa Pals

2022 provides so much opportunity for you to grow your book of business by offering 5-Star Medicare Advantage (MA) plans from BCBSRI. Your clients qualify for a year-round special enrollment period (SEP) when they select any of our MA plans.

This 5-Star SEP is a great way to acquire new clients who are dissatisfied with their current choice for Medicare coverage.

Bring in the 5-Star SEPs

Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to a 5-Star Special Election Period (SEP) which allows them to switch from their current MA plan or Original Medicare to a MA plan with a 5-Star designation, if one is available in their area. This means you can enroll your clients in a BCBSRI MA plan year-round instead of just during the Annual Election Period (AEP).

Updated forms

We’ve updated our Medicare Enrollment Request Forms to accommodate this new SEP opportunity. If you still have the original 2022 forms on-hand, you can use those, too.

2022 Individual Medicare Enrollment Request Form

For a 5-Star SEP request, you will check the “Other” box on page 5 (page 6 for Spanish and Portuguese).

English    Español    Português

2022 Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (HMO D-SNP) Enrollment Request Form

For a dual-eligible 5-Star SEP request, you will check the “Other” box on page 5.

English    Español    Português

The 2022 DocuSign PowerForms are also updated on the Broker Resource Center.

Papa Pals

Our new Papa Pals benefit provides services for members looking for companionship and help around the house.

Papa pals make member’s lives easier with nonclinical support such as:

  • Home visits and eldercare: companionship, light housework, and meal planning/prep
  • Fitness and activity: health club visits, walking, and gardening
  • Chronic condition management: reminders and help with appointments for tests and treatments, environmental checks, and medication pickups
  • Essential transportation: rides for errands and appointments (this is separate from the ride benefit that comes with MA plans)
  • Social connections: help members get and stay engaged with their community peer groups

Member communication insights

This email about COVID-19 home tests was sent to members before the U.S. government’s announcement that they will cover home test kits sometime this spring. Once we receive guidance from CMS, BCBSRI will provide additional information about the new policy.

*Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-Star rating system.

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