Prescription drug plans: What you need to know

Prescription drugs for those on Medicare are covered under Medicare Part D. This is optional coverage offered by private insurers, like Blue Cross, for prescription drugs that aren’t covered under Medicare Parts A or B. However, you may face a late enrollment penalty if you do not sign up when you are first eligible for Medicare. (Go to our Medicare Basics page to learn more about how Medicare works.)

How to get Medicare Part D

There are two ways to get Part D coverage:

  1. As part of a Medicare Advantage plan, such as BlueCHiP for Medicare. (Note that one plan, BlueCHiP for Medicare Core, does not offer drug coverage, and you cannot purchase a standalone drug plan if you have Core.)
  2. As a standalone Medicare prescription drug plan (PDP), such as Blue MedicareRxSM.

Your PDP only covers Medicare Part D prescription drugs. Use your Blue MedicareRx card when you have prescriptions filled at network pharmacies or through the Blue MedicareRx mail order pharmacy service.